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Episode 1547: Never Work With Children and NPCs


Many game systems have a skill for Animal Handling. But no skill for Child Handling.

If you're a parent, try throwing some children into the game and watch as non-parent players struggle to figure out how to take care of them in difficult situations.

I really love color management done right. I really hate color management done wrong.

Panel one has a large amount of motion blur. And it sure looks like there is something on Bria's chest. I played around with my video settings again; I found a control on my TV monitor that improves the dark areas without destroying gamma; I used both monitors; I went back and looked at all the prior comics so far.

The only thing I have seen up until now is that there is a clasp holding her robe in place at the top of her chest. There hasn't been a single full-front chest view of her up until now. The details are very hard to make out, but it sure looks like there is some sort of device on the front of her chest. If she was a police officer, I'd think it would be a body-cam; if this was Paranoia, it would be the session recorder. Either way, it's the thing you want to destroy so that your view of what you report back to your superior is the only view.

Motion blur is horrible here. I don't know if JJ Abrams was responsible for this movie or not; I know that people have complained that he needs a steady-cam because of the blur.

Either way, it is really interesting looking at the difference between how the PCs think, and how the NPC thinks. The PCs are busy spending time debating whether or not they should rescue someone, and pointing out just how risky it is for the future to save an unknown person; Bria just gets it done. This scene clearly shows that talking is not a free action.

But I just love how the GM is talking to himself, with the whole "I don't know how to thank you"/"saying thanks would have done it" bit. Bria's line here could have easily come from a PC.

Oh, and I absolutely love the respect level here. "If Bria dies, nothing's lost!".

The bottom line here: The PCs think of NPCs as disposable. I cannot wait to see how the NPCs will dispose of the PCs. We've been told that there's a TPK, and I want to see it happen.

Hmm. So, something I just realized after this stewed for a night: This was only ever supposed to be a one-off campaign. A mini-episode set in the same world. The characters were throw-aways. The players treated their own PCs as throw-aways, just as the PCs are treating the NPCs.

The players aren't respecting their characters, any more than the characters respect the background. I wonder if maybe they wanted to go out with a big "ka-bloom, now lets get back to the real story".

— Keybounce

The GM's being pretty snarky with himself there.

And we get to see some further expansion on Pete's PC-first philosophy. He actually can't accept that an NPC could be as important as a PC.

And in the process of the GM getting fed up, we see Bria being the brave hero and Cassian being... indifferent.

From Bria's perspective, Cassian was just twiddling his thumbs while some girl was in the middle of a firefight. I wonder if this will colour Bria's opinion of Cassian going forward?

It does help paint him as a "rebel who only cares for himself and his own goals" though, and the fight with "his conscience" could be him reconsidering his life choices, so I guess that works. Despite the possibility that maybe Annie wasn't intending to play him that way.

Wow, that makes Pete responsible for complex roleplaying!

Amazing things happening here.

— aurilee


GM: <roll>
Cassian: ... is equally valuable. Everyone has a duty to do what's right when necessity calls.
Chirrut: Right, equally valuable. So risking yours for a little girl is only break-even at best.
GM: <roll>
[SFX]: Pow!
Cassian: But I could rescue her and not die in the attempt! That's far better.
GM: <roll>
[SFX]: Pow!
GM: <roll>
Chirrut: She could grow up to be an evil dictator! You don't know.
GM: <roll>
[SFX]: Pow!
GM: <roll>
[SFX]: Pow!
Cassian: Or she could grow up to cure rakghoul plague.
Chirrut: At best it's a coin toss. But if Bria dies, nothing's lost!
Cassian: No. She's at least as important to the Rebellion as I am.
GM: <roll>
GM: <roll>
[SFX]: Pow!
GM: <roll>
[SFX]: Boom!
GM: While you've been debating with "your conscience", Bria has rescued the girl and returned her to her mother.
Bria: {to mother} Here you go.
Mother: I don't know how to thank you! {runs away}
Bria: Saying "thanks" would have done it.

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Published: Tuesday, 12 September, 2017; 03:11:02 PDT.
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