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Episode 1480: Arcing Mad


We first thought of titling this strip "Character Arc", until we saw we'd almost done that already.

Then we thought of titling it "Nuts and Bolts". Yep.

Titling strips is a bit like coming up with new names for multilands in Magic: The Gathering at this point.


Anakin: Now, Padmé, you will die.
Luke: Stop! Or I'll Force Transcend myself! If I can't use this body, you can't either!
Anakin: You can't do that!! You're betraying me as well! I'll stop you!!
Luke: Oh, okay. Go on, stab me. Chop my hand off. Didn't think it through, did you?
Anakin: You're mine! You don't get to choose anything!
Anakin: I am in control here!!
Palpatine: You always were an angry boy, Anakin.
Palpatine: But now you have a body again.
[SFX]: KRZZRKZKZZZT! {electrical arcs as Palpatine Force Drains Luke/Anakin}

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Published: Tuesday, 07 March, 2017; 02:11:02 PST.
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