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Episode 1450: Tragic Character Arc


Public Service Announcement: Do not text on your phone and co-pilot a ship in a huge space battle at the same time.

Unless of course you're a true badass with the leader of the Rebellion as your girlfriend.


{the targeting beam fires again, destroys another Rebel ship}
[SFX]: zzzzzzzztt!!
Moff Jerrod: G-godammit. I'm n-never gonna get to f-fire this weapon.
R2-D2: Oh, geez. What part of "get out of the firing arc" was too hard to understand?
GM: Even though R2 is properly fried, he looks more angry.
R2-D2: I emit more smoke.
C-3PO: I'll take over controlling the fleet.
Admiral Ackbar: Your orders, commander?
C-3PO: Stay out of the firing arc.
Nien Nunb: Be still my beating heart!
Lando: What now?
Nien Nunb: I texted Mon Mothma an update of the battle so far. About how the Peace Moon weapon is decimating our fleet. And she just replied!
Lando: What did she say?
Nien Nunb: 🙁

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Published: Tuesday, 27 December, 2016; 02:11:02 PST.
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