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Episode 1481: Lucky the Trees Aren't Also Made of Explodium


If talking is a free action, writing should be too, right? It's basically the same thing, just on paper. In fact, in many ways writing is easier, as it involves manipulating physical objects using manual dexterity, whereas talking involves producing sound waves. And how do you produce a sound wave? You have to form alternating compressions and rarefactions in air pressure by causing trillions upon trillions of molecules to move in sync, with such precision that the resulting oscillations propagate energy. And then to make it into actual speech, you need to simultaneously modulate the frequencies of the oscillations to form the characteristic frequency harmonics and structure of linguistic phonemes, and vary these in rapid temporal sequences that string these phonemes together into comprehensible words, based on an arbitrary and complex assignment of semantic meaning to such time-and-frequency multidimensional data, within a cultural context that conveys both literal meaning and metaphorical nuance to the resulting communication!

Really, it's a wonder that anyone can talk at all, compared to writing.

Wait, did we just argue our way into not being allowed to talk at all during combat?

On another topic, recall that in the film Han runs about 20 metres out of the bunker before leaping behind a fallen log as cover.

Now look at the size of that explosion.


GM: Meanwhile, the Imperial Temple of Dome blows up.
[SFX]: Boom!
[SFX]: Kaa-booom!!
C-3PO: Was that the longest 30 second fuse ever?
R2-D2: Nah. I played a game once where a PC wrote a novella during a 10-second countdown.
Chewbacca: Not a full novel?
R2-D2: There are always limits to a GM's indulgence.
GM: Speaking of which, did anyone carry R2's deactivated chassis away from the explosion?
Chewbacca: Oh look, I happen to have carried him all the way here. I almost forgot.
R2-D2: Can I write a novel while he does that?
GM: Roll for indulgence. At -20 penalty.

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Published: Thursday, 09 March, 2017; 02:11:02 PST.
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