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Episode 1264: Annie's Got a Pun


You have to be extremely careful and precise when specifying the names of items of equipment to players.

Lest they lead to an outbreak of punning.


GM: Lando is <sigh> grappling with a guard. You've dealt with the two amidships.
GM: <roll>
GM: <roll>
GM: <roll>
GM: <roll>
GM: <roll>
Chewbacca: Luke! Cut my bonds.
Luke: There's freeing people's hands, and there's freeing people's hands.
Chewbacca: I'll take handlessness over Wookiee-gramnation any day.
[SFX]: whmmm...
Luke: Why don't I just do this the old fashioned way, and use my spare hand? While holding this sword as far away from you as possible.
[SFX]: whmmm...
Han: You're no fun.
R2-D2: Guys, there's a goon setting up a heavy weapon on the sailbarge rail.
Han: A rail-gun?!
R2-D2: No, it's just ordinary ordnance. A mantel munition, as it were.
C-3PO: Wall weaponry?
Han: You mean like a rampart rifle?
Chewbacca: Or is it a palisade pistol?
R2-D2: No, more like a balustrade blaster.
Leia: Well, the best defence is a good off-fence.

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Published: Tuesday, 20 October, 2015; 03:26:24 PDT.
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