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Episode 1263: Frieze Frame


Normally when a major villain's mooks are getting slaughtered all around them by the heroes, the villain slinks off through a secret escape tunnel, or hightails it to an escape vehicle of some sort (possibly carrying their fluffy white cat with the diamond-studded collar with them).

For a change, how about having the villain enjoying the carnage? Revelling in the havoc and mayhem. Sitting back and just wallowing in the bloodshed.

Try to insinuate that they're not panicked for a very good reason.


Luke: Don't worry, I'm using the Force.
[SFX]: whooom!
{another guard falls into the Sarlacc pit}
[SFX]: Aaaaaaaaaaarrrhhh!!!.....
Jabba: Lo! Glorious mayhem!
Leia: Look out for the guard on the plank!
R2-D2: The stick just fell off.
GM: Let me tape that back on.
Luke: Don't bother. I take out the plank on the backswing.
[SFX]: Whooom!
Jabba: How delightfully Gordian!
Jabba: Send in reinforcements!
Ortugg: You're oinking mad! I'm out of here.
GM: The pig guard barges into 3PO. Dodge.
C-3PO: 4.
[SFX]: Krunch! {Ortugg knocks over 3PO}
Leia: Hey, no pork-barrelling!

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Published: Sunday, 18 October, 2015; 03:11:18 PDT.
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