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Episode 1123: Corey's Day Off


I dunno. Seems straightforward enough to us.


Luke: You would not believe how much trouble I had convincing my parents I was too sick to go to school today.
Luke: Thanks for the phone answering AI app, Pete.
C-3PO: An AI app for answering the phone?!
Luke: It just coughs and moans, "I can't hear you."
R2-D2: Best. App. Ever.
GM: We're just waiting on Ben.
Leia: Sally was telling us about his campaign. You were superheroes?
GM: They were. I was the district attorney, trying to clean up the city.
R2-D2: But some vigilante was ruining everything, taking the law into his own hands. We tried to stop him, but he kept slipping away.
Luke: So we figured, how do you lure a vigilante who goes around beating up criminals?
Han: {dead} You commit crimes!
R2-D2: And yet Ben didn't think that followed!

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Published: Tuesday, 25 November, 2014; 02:11:02 PST.
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