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Episode 1124: All Joking Aside


There's great mileage to be had in running a campaign that is a light-hearted spoof of some genre or other. Imagine campaigns based not on James Bond, but on Get Smart; not on The Great Escape, but on Hogan's Heroes; not on Blake's Seven but on Red Dwarf.

Just make sure the players know it's a light-hearted spoof!

Because it's not what the genre is underneath, it's what they do that defines it.


Luke: I put an insanity inducing drug into the city water supply.
C-3PO: I robbed a bank! And blew up a hospital!
Leia: That doesn't sound very heroic...
C-3PO: We got everyone out of the hospital first!
R2-D2: By calling in a bomb threat for an unspecified hospital.
C-3PO: I threatened to kill a citizen every day until the vigilante turned himself in.
GM: He thought we were actual criminals.
[SFX]: Door!
Chewbacca: Well I wonder why that was?
Leia: Ben! Hi. So this superhero game didn't really go as you planned?
Chewbacca: Let's see. It was a camp comical spoof of the genre, with people in silly costumes with underpants on the outside having "Bam! Pow!" fisticuffs.
Chewbacca: It ended with the vigilante sacrificing himself. To save the city. From a nuclear bomb. Which these "heroes" planted.
Han: {dead} So it worked, then!

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Published: Thursday, 27 November, 2014; 02:11:01 PST.
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