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Episode 952: Lamb to the Slaughter


The traditional meal of roleplaying games is, of course, pizza. The two were demonstrated to have been established as a natural pairing as early in the history of roleplaying games as 1982 by one of the absolutely fundamental and crucial plot points in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: when Elliot's brother and his friends play Dungeons & Dragons and order (naturally) pizza.* One can deduce that the script writer (one Melissa Mathison) was well aware that the game and the food formed a pairing as intrinsic to the very fabric and nature of the universe as yin and yang, fish and chips, Hall and Oates.

One should not defy such laws of nature, lest the laws of nature inflict upon you the scourge of critical failures.

* Although the naïve may think that, on the surface, the Speak & Spell and Reese's Pieces played a greater role in the film, a deeper contextual analysis readily shows the prime importance of the Dungeons & Dragons game and the pizza, which clearly allude to a greater synthesis of the viewer's syncretic experience and identification with E.T. The alien being referred to as a "wandering monster" or a "goblin" is obviously designed to make us wonder how many XP he would be worth, and thus invoke a sympathetic response. At least to those of lawful good alignment.


R2-D2: Hey everyone, sorry I'm a bit late. Held up at work with a client.
Leia: You have clients?
GM: What pizza do you want, Pete?
R2-D2: Meat lovers.
C-3PO: Vegetarian for me, please.
R2-D2: What? That's got none of the good stuff on it.
C-3PO: I'm not eating meat any more.
R2-D2: Since when?
Chewbacca: Since Monday. I'm no longer the black sheep of the family.
C-3PO: Ben! It's not a big deal!
Leia: Good for you, Sally.
R2-D2: Yeah no, I agree, totally cool.
R2-D2: Now, if you gave up on hating meatbags, then we'd have a problem.

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Published: Tuesday, 22 October, 2013; 03:11:02 PDT.
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