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Episode 951: The Split Milk Blues


A good trick for intense roleplaying and adding a point of interest for your character is to pick one small detail of your character's background, or an early event in their adventuring career that alludes to something in their past, and keep bringing it up later. It makes a nice character point and detail - it gives a hook for other players to hang on to. They can recognise your character by that little detail whenever it is mentioned again, and it makes the character seem that little bit more realistic.

For example, you could have your character stop for coffee early in their first adventure. Then throughout their adventuring life, every so often they feel the need for a coffee and will seek it out. You could even develop it slowly into a preference for a particular type or style of coffee. Another example is that your character might have success in their first battle after crafting an arrow fletched with a red feather. In future they might insist on carrying a red-fletched arrow into any fight. If the arrow is used, they need to make another.

And so on. The point is that characters aren't just lists of stats waiting for the next trap or fight or treasure. They should have little personality quirks. That's what makes them memorable.


Han: So, how about that drink, kid?
Luke: Sure! Blue milk for me. I haven't had any since Tatooine.
Leia: Did you say blue milk?
Luke: Yeah, my aunt and uncle gave it to me. Horrible stuff, but they said I'd die without it, and I kinda got used to it.
Han: Wow, you sure were messed up, kid.
Luke: I haven't been able to find any since.
Leia: That's weird. My parents gave me blue milk too when I was a kid.
Luke: Huh.
GM: Right, it's getting late. Let's call it until next time. Another session Wednesday?
Han: Yeah, we need to get as many in as we can before Annie and I fly out again.
GM: It'll be fine. I've only prepared material for this one planet anyway.

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Published: Sunday, 20 October, 2013; 03:11:02 PDT.
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