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Episode 953: Droid Rage


Consider making one of the characters in your game have to live with a death mark. They are wanted, not alive, not dead or alive, but dead. Someone took a dislike to them in the past for some reason, and wants them eliminated as an act of revenge, or maybe to silence them so they don't reveal something embarrassing. Perhaps it was all a big misunderstanding, and the character didn't even do anything terribly unforgivable, but nevertheless, someone wants the satisfaction of standing over their grave.

It makes for an interesting piece of backstory, and can pop up actively in adventures now and then. Be careful not to overdo it though, lest the game turn into "avoid the assassin" for much of the time.


General Rieekan: We've picked up a signal. It reads... electronic. Ugh.
Leia: Hmmm. Either a prospector droid or an Imperial probe, looking for Luke.
Han: Why him in particular?
Leia: There's a price on Luke's head. If we don't hide him from Vader, he's a dead man.
General Rieekan: A death mark's not an easy thing to live with. Luke's a good fighter, but I'd hate to lose our base because of him.
Leia: We're hiding everyone, General. Pilots, work crews, droids...
General Rieekan: Droids?
C-3PO: Have you got a problem with droids?
General Rieekan: Hey, some of my best friends are droids.
C-3PO: Like who?
General Rieekan: Like... er... that one... which... fixed me that salad.
C-3PO: That was me!
General Rieekan: That was you? Sorry, you all look the same.

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Published: Thursday, 24 October, 2013; 03:11:02 PDT.
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