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Episode 830: Running Out


Pretty elementary, really. If the French had just managed to close to melee range, Agincourt would have turned out totally differently.

Of course... they didn't.

There's a lesson in that somewhere. But not that it applies to roleplaying characters!

EDIT: As several readers more versed in late medieval history than us have pointed out, the French actually did manage to close to melee range at Agincourt. They lost the battle more because of poor discipline and tactics and the disadvantage of terrain than being mowed down by English longbows. The earlier Battle of Creécy was a better example of victory by force of archers over a larger force who couldn't manage to close to melee range.

Never say you don't learn something by reading webcomics.


GM: Walking down the corridor, you come across a patrol of armed troopers.
Han: I shoot!
[SFX]: Pow!
{beat, Han and the troopers stare at one another}
Luke: Keep shooting!
Han: I'm out of ammo.
Leia: And whose fault is that?
Luke: Whoa. Run!
Han: Good idea! C'mon Chewie!
Chewbacca: <sigh>
{Han and Chewie run at them, Luke and Leia run away}
Leia: What is he doing?!
Han: If I'm not shooting I have to get within melee range!

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Published: Thursday, 10 January, 2013; 02:11:01 PST.
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