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Episode 517: The Popular People's Liberation Front of Naboo


It's always a temptation to have a group of more or less powerful NPCs take command when they become involved in PC shenanigans. This is not a good idea. The PCs are the ones who are supposed to be the heroes of the story, after all.

So it is in fact a good idea to make your NPCs somewhat indecisive, under-motivated, or otherwise unlikely to take charge and act. This gives the PCs the chance to show their mettle, take charge, make the decisions, and lead the group to glory in their endeavours.

The only real problem occurs when the PCs themselves are so wishy-washy that the NPCs need to become about as effective as a group of factionalised Judeans resisting the Roman occupation in order to give the PCs a chance to act first.


GM: So, back to the game...
Obi-Wan: And not a moment too soon.
Padmé: So how are we going to overthrow the Senate?
Mon Mothma: I think that might be, like, totally over the top.
Mon Mothma: Also, I just had my nails done.
Chi Eekway Papanoida: I've never even filibustered.
Bana Breemu: I once ordered the slightly more expensive sandwiches for a meeting. Without permission.
C-3PO: What's a filibuster?
Padmé: It's a kind of vacuum cleaner.
Bail Organa: Yeah. We're gonna do some cleaning shop... and old man Palpy's gonna be the one wearing the apron.
Bana Breemu: Oooh! My hero!
[SFX]: Swoon {Chi Eekway Papanoida swoons}
Padmé: And I'll be bringing the laser mop!

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Published: Tuesday, 11 January, 2011; 02:11:01 PST.
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