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Episode 518: Defence is the Worst Form of Offence


It's interesting how in this scene a bunch of random clone troopers and Wookiees are privy to a formal Jedi Council meeting, simply by virtue of hanging out with Yoda while on another planet. One might have hoped that the Jedi were a little more concerned with security than this.

Oh well. What could possibly go wrong with the clone troopers knowing the detailed movements of every Jedi in the Republic?


R2-D2: Enough with this sitting around in rooms planning action. Let's have some action!
Yoda: Here on Kashyyyk I am, where the droid army is about to attack.
R2-D2: All right! Let's roll some dice!
Anakin: {hologram} There are important matters to discuss in this Council meeting.
R2-D2: Like whether to charge or outflank?
Anakin: While the Jedi have been preparing to defend the Republic, Chancellor Palpatine has been enjoying a night at the opera.
Mace Windu: {small} That was last night?
Mace Windu: {small} Damn, I had tickets.
Anakin: When I confronted him about more urgent concerns, he was dismissive.
R2-D2: Speaking of dismissing, can we—
Obi-Wan: Hmmm. That is unfortunate. Power seems to get to some people's heads.
Yoda: Look, I finished the battle formation! The beach is mined so attackers can't approach. The Wookiees have fortified trenches so they can mow down the droids without taking any hits.
Yoda: There's heavy artillery to provide covering fire. And a battalion of clone troopers to plug any breaches in the defensive line.
Yoda: So all we have to do is wait!
R2-D2: Chaaarge!!
[SFX]: Roooaaarrr!!!! {the Wookiees charge}

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Published: Thursday, 13 January, 2011; 02:11:01 PST.
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