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Episode 516: Protrusion Confusion Diffusion


Sometimes in the course of a game, players may become slightly confused by the various interwoven plot elements that the GM has skilfully arranged. Other players should not feel afraid to step up and explain things.

After all, every game can use some comedy relief.


Padmé: Gee Pete, the Mafia. I knew that job would see you mixing with the wrong people.
Obi-Wan: Don't be ridiculous, Pete. If she was... she would have said something to Jim.
R2-D2: She's really good at keeping secrets. That monster-hunting campaign she ran? We didn't figure out what was really going on until it was too late.
Padmé: What are you talking about?
Obi-Wan: Pete thinks she's pregnant.
Padmé: Well, yeah. Of course. I thought everyone knew that.
Obi-Wan: What?! No, that's great news.
R2-D2: Congratulations. I always knew you had it in you.
C-3PO: {Sally} Annie's having a baby?
Padmé: Annie? No, she's a guy. Guys can't have babies.
Padmé: Well, except in Science Fiction.
Obi-Wan: Okay, let's be completely clear. Annie, the person currently in the bathroom, is not pregnant; Pete is merely, and mistakenly, making unflattering comments about her weight.
Padmé: And Fantasy, I guess.
Obi-Wan: Also, you were actually saying Padmé is pregnant. Is that correct?
Anakin: I'm back. What did I miss?
Padmé: The others seem to have got a bit confused.
R2-D2: By the way, that dress definitely makes you look fat.

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Published: Sunday, 09 January, 2011; 02:11:01 PST.
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