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Episode 502: The Butcher of Seville


There's an old storytelling maxim: Never tell your audience when you can show them. This applies equally to conveying information from NPCs to your players. Things will be more entertaining if you can act out conversations, rather than just having an NPC tell the PCs about it.

Of course there are exceptions in storytelling, when a narrative recap contributes to better pacing than a detailed depiction. And so there are exceptions in gaming, such as when you get carried away and turn the game into a one-person play.


Palpatine: There's something else, Anakin; I've spoken to General Grievous.
Anakin: You have?
Palpatine: I put out a call to appeal to him; as one Chancellor to a previous holder of this office.
General Grievous: Here to gloat at your escape, are you? You haven't escaped! You're as much a puppet as I!
Palpatine: {hologram} You once held the best interests of the Republic to heart; turn yourself in; I shall see you are treated well.
General Grievous: With toast and marmalade? And little round cakes served with silver tongs?
Palpatine: {hologram} Er, yes.
General Grievous: I detest marmalade.
{end flashback}
Palpatine: Alas, I had no luck with any other toppings either.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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