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Episode 370: Second Windu


The player who remembers your adventure plot and actually does sensible things to try to get the job done is a valuable resource. Make sure you nurture this player and do everything in your power to hang on to them. In your entire GMing career you might be lucky to see one or two such players. Although you can bet they will come with little quirks of their own.

As a bonus today, here is an early script idea for this strip. We couldn't use this after we decided Sally needed to be playing Mace Windu in this strip.

Strip 370 Bonus


Count Dookû: Zis is not good. Ze crowd, zey are booing ze beasts.
Nute Gunray: The clowd is arrowed to participate? Excerrent. Send in my dloidekas.
{Droidekas arrive and surround the PCs}
Obi-Wan: Oh man. I thought we'd managed to save ourselves.
GM: Sally, it's time for your big entrance. Like we talked about.
Mace Windu: Yay!
Mace Windu: I go up to Jango with my sword! It's rainbow-coloured!
GM: Um... How about purple? Purple is a nice colour.
Mace Windu: Okay!
{Mace Windu puts sword at Jango's throat}
Mace Windu: Now, Mister Detective Fett.
Mace Windu: I'm hiring you!
Mace Windu: Kill all the baddies.
Mace Windu: And get me the Peace Moon plans.
Mace Windu: And find out why the giraffe aliens made a clone army for the Jedi Council.
Jango Fett: Er...
Obi-Wan: Saved by my little sister. Can we go back to being slaughtered?
Mace Windu: Also, kill R2-D2.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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