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Episode 369: The Regal Has Landed


There's always treasure around somewhere. Detecting where it's hidden is a vital skill. Don't let your GM ever convince you that there's no treasure in a particular place.

If it comes right down to it, you can unscrew the doors and take them away to sell them. Those things can be expensive - especially if the GM has tried to make them fancy and difficult to get through. Remember that: The harder a place is to get into, the more valuable the security fittings are.


{The reek stops dragging Anakin, he gets up and approaches it}
[SFX]: Graaarrrh!
Anakin: I dominate the reek's feeble mind with Force Suggestion. 16.
GM: Okay, you can leap back on.
{The reek kills the nexu}
[SFX]: Graaarrrh!
Anakin: Jump, Padmé!
Padmé: How high am I?
GM: About 6 metres.
Padmé: Let's see... max damage 2d6, I might break a leg or two, but I'll survive. More importantly, I'll probably break the beast's back. I jump!
Anakin: I control your fall with Force Levitation.
Padmé: Aww...
GM: You make the jump safely.
Obi-Wan: {dodging the acklay} I could use some rescuing here too, you know!
[SFX]: Ryyaarrrk!
Anakin: Jump on!
{Obi-Wan jumps on}
Anakin: Right. Now all we have to do is—
Padmé: Detect treasure!

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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