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Cheddar Monk Academy

Cheddar Monk logo To celebrate two years of Darths & Droids, the Cheddar Masters opened the Cheddar Monk Academy! Prospective Cheddar Monks enrolled to become Padawans and then perform as many of the Cheddar Monk challenges as they could throughout the academic year.

Each challenge was worth Cheddar Monk points. After one gruelling year of challenges (which ended at on 14 September, 2010), the class graduated, with many Padawans going on to become Cheddar Monks. The top ranked Padawans also received fantastic prizes!

Furthermore, through the two Charity challenges, Padawans raised a total of US$2858 for charity!

The Academy Rules For the Year 2009/2010

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Published: Thursday, 16 September, 2010; 04:48:36 PDT.
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