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Plot 1: Heroic Legend Start


In most cases, you probably know that The Pound Sterling Rings. If not, you are familiar with the Lord of the Rings and role-playing, we recommend that you enjoy. Both familiar with the case, as much as you can enjoy.

Basically, young Seamus is a Creator, Lord of the Rings fantasy sports as a long-term burden of suffering Dungeon Master to be all too typical of the players, and illustrations That form, using screencaps from the comic-book movie. Good idea, and it is very good. Backwardly, I have been puzzling: (1) no one to do this before, and (b), he did not plagiarism.

It is a pity that Mark the Rings have recently come to an end, the outcome of that story. Shamus has been transferred to the new project, which has activities, and cooperation with the artist. So further Seamus screencap from the comic-book movie. This has resulted in a phone call, his army of fans, as a people, any people, to fill the gaps:

This reminds me: The cartoon is popular enough that I think everyone else is surprised something similar, The Harry Potter? Alien? Spider-Man? X-Men? Star Trek? The Star Wars? The Matrix? Tons of movies and is well known that very seriously, it is the two major components to good satire. I have been looking forward to another comic appears in the movie there someplace, but it did not happen.

Adam Bloom:
I think this is what kind of person because, in their view, "This will be interesting, that is, to a comic camouflage Star Wars." What kind of people, the amount of work to read the comics into each say, "omfg watts??"

I think people like it, but people said, "I want to spend the time and effort to create a high-quality webcomic" is not the kind of person who says, "This will be interesting to deceive the Star Wars plan," he said.

You are a rare and wonderful, is no exception.

[from http://www.shamusyoung.com/twentysidedtale/?p=1226]

I smell, I was a challenge...

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Published: Friday, 02 May, 2008; 22:18:49 PDT.
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