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Episode 2468: I’ve Been Angry and Sad About Things That You Do


A staple of fiction is superiors getting mad at the heroes. For messing up the job, for not doing it by the book, for going over the top - basically for all the things that a group of PCs is likely to do. So of course you should have any superiors chew them out. It's always an amusing scene, and gives the GM a chance to have fun too.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Ohh, wow! Leia actually walking around again, even if a cane is needed, is not something I thought would be happening anytime soon. I do like how it's a reversal of her first appearance as well. A door explodes, someone in a white outfit comes through, and a stun blaster shot takes out the hero very soon after. In fact, I wonder if this was the whole reason for Leia to be the one showing up and beating Poe in this instance. It does make the whole mutiny thing even stranger though if Leia is taking the ship back from Poe however. Unless Leia has lost her mind, she'd still be pretty definitively good, right? I'd say she's got a better plan, except there's not really any room to have a better plan here than what Team Casino was already trying to do.

As for free will, I'd say it's not exactly an illusion, but not completely real. Not for anyone, droid or otherwise. For us humans, genetics, how we're raised, and how we're currently living are going to affect our choices a lot more than what we think. For example, I might think I have the free will to choose to leave a crappy job, but that's only until I realize that I can't find somewhere else to work and I'll still need money to continue living. Hardly free to choose to leave then. Same if someone like Threepio gets a gun pointed at them; do what they're told or get shot? Not much choice there either.


GM: Meanwhile, on the Raddus, the bridge door blows inwards.
[SFX]: Boom!
Poe: No matter what comes through that door, I stand my ground!
GM: Leia shuffles through the smoke in a dressing gown, her head still bandaged.
Poe: Ah! So you do want that dinner date, after all!
Leia: Poe Dameron! How dare you steal this cruiser! I am absolutely disgusted!
Leia: I fire my stunner. 14.
[SFX]: Pow!
GM: Poe is slammed unconscious into the bulkhead.
[SFX]: Wham!
Leia: Connix. I can’t control you any more than I can control my own daughter. Hands up! You too, 3PO.
C-3PO: Poe made me do it!
Leia: I thought droids had free will.
C-3PO: It’s an illusion!
Kaydel Ko Connix: {sotto voce} Somebody up there has got it in for me. I bet it’s my mother.

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Published: Tuesday, 21 May, 2024; 02:11:06 PDT.
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