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Episode 2438: What Else Do I Have to Say?


Fire is fun. Simple as that.

What's the best, most iconic wizard spell of all time? Lightning Bolt or Fireball? They're both level 3 spells, they both do exactly the same amount of damage. But you just know that Fireball is superior.

It's fun playing a character who loves playing with fire. Because it's so easy to get into character.

If you want a more general roleplaying tip from this: Choose something you love doing and make your character love it too. (Hint: fire.)

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Yoda??? What are you doing here?? Okay, comic-wise all of the Force ghosts have probably been following Luke around since Dagobah, but that wouldn't cover the movie at all. And we didn't hear from any of them until now anyway! I can't think of any reason for Yoda to suddenly show up again just to make a tree explode, that Luke appeared to be heading to destroy in the first place.

I'm actually a little doubtful that Yoda was the one to cause the lightning strike. Assuming he's closeish to his Episode V personality, I don't see him deciding to destroy a tree like that. Sally is more than happy to make things explode though. And of course, it's all a little too late there anyway. Rey most likely already took the records for whatever reason she's got, so the lightning won't do much good there. Which, come to think of it, is actually an excellent reason now for Luke to leave the planet now. Bit of a shame that Rey just left with the only functional and not-waterlogged ship on the island.

So! If we can get Yoda back on screen, maybe there's a chance that we'll get Force ghost Obi-Wan and/or Anakin as well. Obi-Wan would obviously be a mentor of some kind, possibly showing up for Rey. That could be good discussion, kinda like a grandparent discussing their kid with their kid's child. Anakin? Maaaaybe as someone with a warning about the Dark Side? That'd have to get twisted around for the comics though. Anakin never seemed to repent even after getting zapped in Luke's body by Palpatine.


Luke: There’s something I have to do.
GM: Yes?
Luke: I head to the old tree. I ignite a flare.
Yoda: Wait!
Luke: Yoda?
Yoda: Ah, good. Recognise the voice, you do.
Luke: That voice gave me nightmares.
GM: You and me both.
Yoda: What doing are you?
Luke: This tree is a midi-chlorian focus, desperately trying to balance Light and Dark.
Luke: This is the spark that’ll light the fire that’ll burn this misguided idea of balance down.
Yoda: Never the tree’s fault has it been. The paper it contains, the Jedi List, the real danger is.
Yoda: I call lightning down to destroy the tree and everything inside.
[SFX]: ke-raack!!
Luke: You just wanted to start the fire, didn’t you?
Yoda: On soggy Dagobah, know how hard to make a decent inferno it was?

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Published: Tuesday, 12 March, 2024; 02:11:07 PDT.
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