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Episode 2437: In the Night, the Stormy Night, Away She’d Fly


The old trainer usually refuses to get into the adventures of the next generation. This is traditional and sensible, as you want the spotlight on the main characters.

Except when you don't.

Consider having your aged mentors come out of retirement one time. Maybe there's some threat so huge that they feel compelled to offer their more direct help. Maybe their students are in over their heads and the mentors decide they have to come to the rescue. They can stay in the background under normal circumstances, but don't write them off as active members of a campaign.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

I guess from a certain point of view this is a tropical paradise. I would have thought that The Forest Moon of Endor would have been a better tropical world, but perhaps there was too much unavoidable wildlife like biting insects on similar planets. Islands wouldn't have a lot of those unless they've been imported. And the Endor system's obviously not a viable place; it's hard to avoid visitors when the system is already known about.

I guess this is the last we see of the place then. It feels like a pretty final scene for Ahch-to even if I think we'll end up seeing Luke again later. So long fish people, I guess you weren't that important. I wonder what they were actually there for in the movie; it's rather odd that they'd show up for only two scenes. So long porgs, unless Chewie decided to keep them on the ship. I'd say he'd have problems feeding them if he did, but Star Wars lacks biochemical barriers so that shouldn't be a problem. And maybe they'll pop up for a joke or two later.

Anyway, off we go to Snoke's ship and the Resistance ship!


Rey: Right. I’m off then. Enjoy your dismal rainy island.
Luke: I grew up on Tatooine. This is a tropical paradise.
[SFX]: Ke-raack! {thunder and lightning}
Rey: You really need to see more planets.
{The Falcon flies past the island}
Chewbacca: I trust you have concluded your training satisfactorily and we may now proceed to save the Resistance?
Rey: More or less. You can drop me off at Snoke’s ship.
{Luke stands and watches the Falcon depart into the gloomy sky}
[SFX]: woooooosh!
Chewbacca: You don’t wish me to accompany you on what is surely an imprudent suicide mission?
Rey: Why would I want that?
Chewbacca: I guess it’ll take me a while to adjust to Han not being around.

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Published: Sunday, 10 March, 2024; 03:00:17 PDT.
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