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Episode 2435: Delivering the De-livering


Any item in a game could potentially turn out to be much more significant than anyone realises.

That weird stone idol you found in the evil cultist lair and have been carrying around ever since because nobody bothered to check and update their equipment lists in between adventures? Yeah, that could come back to bite you six adventures from now when you run into the evil vizier of the next kingdom over, and he recognises it, and realises you were the ones who foiled his secret plans to subvert society and conquer your kingdom from within.

Now think about this for everything you've ever found.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Mmmmm, feels less like Luke is going to die now. I can't see any reason for Rey to get right up in Luke's face if she still wanted to kill him. Maybe it was a rush of anger before Rey realized, or was told, what she was doing? Either way, that's a better outcome than someone losing an arm again.

Special laser sword? Of course it is. It was somehow retrieved from the bottom of Cloud City, or even lower than that! And it still works! The chances of both of those things randomly happening are so small that only narrative importance could explain things. I imagine there could be a whole short story in itself on how Kanata found the sword, assuming this is a plot point in the movies as well.


Luke: I never thought the laser sword I lost would end up being used against me. By my own daughter.
Rey: There’s something about this sword, isn’t there?
Luke: What makes you say that?
Rey: The visions I saw when I first touched it. GM hints when I was training.
Rey: I brought it back to you and the very first thing you did was throw it away.
Rey: But then you got interested in it and now... You seem okay with me using it.
Luke: This looks like I’m okay with that?
Rey: Well. People who aren’t okay with me using weapons generally end up with holes through major organs.
Luke: You deal with anger by venting other people’s spleens?

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Published: Tuesday, 05 March, 2024; 01:11:07 PST.
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