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Episode 2431: Hands, A Cross Thwarter


Why have a mental/psychic/magic power just do something, when it can do the thing and also have a super impressive side effect like blowing apart a building made of rocks?

What if all magic spells in a game had large side effects? Casting a Magic Missile also caused a huge flash that could be seen for a mile around? Levitate not only allows the wizard to rise into the air, but also flattens all trees within a hundred metres. Cure Light Wounds lets you regain hit points, but also causes you to have to drink three full jugs of water or suffer severe dehydration.

This could be a way to limit the power of spells, as wizards or clerics need to be super careful when using any magic to avoid attracting the wrong sort of attention. Or it could be a cool way to cinematically project your power and make everyone gasp in awe at your awesomeness.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Ahhh Pete; already trying to get Luke to come along for your backstabbing plan. I don't think Luke and Rey invading one of the First Order ships could actually happen in the movie. That seems like it could be a little too much to have happen as well, but there hasn't been even 200 pages yet, so I guess it could possibly be an event. It feels like we've had a good number of scenes so far, however. Sure, the first three movies were around 200 comics, but that's only the halfway point in the last movie.

Bit of a shame about the hut. The fish people probably won't appreciate having to rebuild it. There's not much to do on the island, but it's still not nice to break things without asking.


Luke: I unleash the Force to sever Kylo and Rey’s connection.
Luke: Stop!
[SFX]: Crunch! Crack!
GM: <roll> You shatter the link, and the structural integrity of the hut. Stones fly outwards. Rain hammers down on you both.
Rey: What did you do that for? I had him on a string!
Rey: He was going to let me onto Snoke’s ship. I could kill Snoke and save the Resistance.
Luke: You’re not strong enough yet.
Rey: Then come with me! Pretend to be my prisoner. I’ll put cuffs on you and we can infiltrate the First Order’s biggest and most formidable weapon of war.
Luke: I’ve done that sort of thing before...
Rey: And how did it go?
Luke: Han was involved.
Rey: Say no more.

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Published: Sunday, 25 February, 2024; 01:11:09 PST.
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