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Episode 2405: It’s a Rich Man’s World


Sometimes you need NPCs who are just nice and helpful and are there to genuinely treat the heroes well.

Nothing makes some players suspicious more quickly.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Gunships to deliver winnings? Toooootally a reasonable idea. It's totally here to give them their winnings and not try to arrest them guys. Nothing else could possibly be the reason for them to be here. It's almost as believable as if it was part of a fathier roundup crew and they were collecting them for the next race!

Neat fact! I thought the police officer panel looked really close to the one on 2402 so I compared the two panels. Turns out, the first one was reversed! It's a little hard to tell under the GM description box, but now it's obvious when looking at this comic's panel's helmet lettering. I wonder how many other panels I've seen adjusted like this that I haven't recognized having had this treatment.


GM: The fathiers make it up the cliff, onto a grassy headland.
[SFX]: clop clop clop
[SFX]: wzzhh...
GM: The first gunship veers off, but another closes on you.
Casino Security pilot: Hey, slow down!
Rose: Why should we?
Casino Security pilot: We’re casino security, here to give you your winnings.
Finn: You’re not police?
[SFX]: wzzhh...
Casino Security pilot: Oh, no no no. You and some droid won big! Somehow the fathiers got released before scheduled race time. Software took your bets even though the race was underway.
Finn: Why were you chasing us before the race ended?
[SFX]: wzzhh...
Casino Security pilot: That was the police looking for an escaped prisoner. He’s extremely dangerous. And poor.
Casino Security pilot: Anyway, I’ll drop this big bag of cash for you.
Rose: Uhm. Thanks!
[SFX]: wzzhh...
Casino Security pilot: All part of the service at Canto Bight, where the richer you are, the better we treat you!
Rose: Can you give us a lift off-world?
[SFX]: thud thud thud thud
Casino Security pilot: ... Up to a point.

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Published: Tuesday, 26 December, 2023; 01:11:02 PST.
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