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Episode 2404: The Great Escarp


When the heroes are trying to escape from a perilous situation, make things even more perilous! Throw weird complications at them. Have a snake in the cabin of their escape vehicle! The train is running out of track and they have to lay new track in front of the train as fast as it's going! When their vehicle hits 88 miles per hour, something really strange happens!

There are so many great chase scenes on movies - get your inspiration from any of them. A chase should have fun and excitement, not just be a boring die roll and you escape or get caught.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Wait what? But Finn and Rose were just in a tunnel getting entangled by light strings, and there's nothing tunnel-like or light string-like shown here at all! This looks more like they jumped through another window of some kind. I got the feeling something had been skipped over so hard that I had to double check that I hadn't missed a comic! But on the plus side, I'll take it as this will be an excellent excuse to show up at one of the waterfalls. It would have been rather tricky to simply walk to one of those from the casino floor after all.

At least the gunship actually did something. And it was a much better target than the fathiers! This is also a perfect example of why you shouldn't run straight to your escape vehicle/bolt-hole/important contact with the police on your tail. It's just asking for a swoop and block of whatever your goal is. While I'm not really surprised that the ship was exploded, I do wonder now how exactly Rose and Finn are getting back to the Resistance ship later.


GM: The tunnel leads to a parapeted promenade just above the beach.
Finn: We parked on the beach! Head for our ship!
GM: You didn’t say—
Oniho Zaya: Ahem. A note.
GM: Hmm... interesting.
GM: Okay. You race towards your ship on the beach.
[SFX]: clop clop clop
GM: A gunship fires! <roll> A plume of flame engulfs your ship.
[SFX]: Kaboom!
[SFX]: clop
Rose: Oh come on!
GM: The beach ends at a cliff leading up to the headland.
Rose: Uh oh.
[SFX]: clop clop
Finn: Fathiers are hoofed mammals. Sure-footed like mountain goats. We ride up the cliff!
GM: Hmmm. All right. Rose, make a Riding roll.
Rose: 10.
[SFX]: clop cloppity {the fathier hurtle straight at the rocky cliff face; it's uncertain if it will stop}
Finn: Well?
GM: I’m just appreciating this cliffhanger.
[SFX]: clop clop

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Published: Sunday, 24 December, 2023; 01:11:14 PST.
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