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Episode 2392: The Garou-ing Pains of a Daring Mole


Setting things on fire is a classic way of dealing with bad situations. Or creating bad situations.

Broadly speaking, things on fire is just generally associated with bad situations. So fire is a great way of emphasising the badness of situations. In a bad situation sort of way. You know.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Ben? Who's Ben? Besides the guy playing Chewbacca and Hux. The Cast pages aren't any help here. That did lead me to noticing Kylo's not on the Cast sheet at the moment though. Episode VII now has a bunch of extra entries that would have been spoilers while the comic was being made though, like Luke. Hmmmm.

I do have to revise my previous statement though; I think it would have been even weirder to have Luke show up in a flashback before he shows up properly at the end of the Episode VII movie. Makes me wonder how the movies might have been produced in this case. Were they mostly one after the other since there were different producers


Coming back after a bit of a think and a look; I think Ben was/is Greedo. Or maybe, Greedo is/was Ben? It's odd that there's a name change at this point, but perhaps Ben is the real name of Kylo being used as an alias here for some reason? Ben is a real Star Wars name (and Obi-Wan is long gone now besides), so there's no objection there. Both Greedos would not have been characters Luke met at any point, so hiding the name also wouldn't be needed in the comic as far as I can tell. Pete already heard the backstory for Kylo in that scene, but a non-Player Ben isn't mentioned around there to remember, which is also suspicious.

Now I'm really curious what things will be mentioned in the next few comics.


Bonus round pre-update! I had an Irregular reminder that Kylo-as-Ben was mentioned way back on 2350! I'm still wondering why he was called Ben at all (assuming I've not guessed correctly that's part of his movie name as the names usually aren't made up), but things make much more sense for why Luke and Rey are calling him Ben here. Now I wonder what else I might have missed in the dialogue that's going to come up again with scenery details like this that I've mentally written off as "obviously a comic background bit", like Luke having a clone.


Luke: {narrating flashback} You left my Jedi Academy before it happened.
Luke: A skinny kid named Ben arrived, eager to learn the ways of the Force.
Luke: His ability needed nurturing, but he had raw strength. It didn’t scare me enough then. It does now.
Luke: He hid his motives well. He needed my skill. Once he’d learnt enough, he attacked me. Left me for dead.
Luke: {in flashback} Ben! Nooo!!
[SFX]: crash!
Luke: When I came to, the temple was burning. He had vanished with a handful of my students. And slaughtered the rest.
Luke: He never told me his last name. Lesson learnt: last names are important. If I’d known it was Solo I’d have suspected something.
Rey: Yeah, if someone wants to join your Jedi school the first interview question should be, “What’s your surname and did you get your midi-chlorians by some weird transfusion?”

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Published: Sunday, 26 November, 2023; 01:11:07 PST.
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