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Episode 2350: Three Funerals and a Wedding


Relationships are complicated in real life. So of course you should make them at least as complicated in games. You can up the drama to ridiculous levels. You could do a lot worse than take inspiration from soap operas such as The Bold and the Beautiful.

Have romantically entangled people be long-lost twins, clones, mistaken identities, have amnesia, be sworn enemies, have plastic surgery to look like other romantic entanglements, and so on. The possibilities are truly limitless.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Huh. So..... those fish people were just for scenery then? Maybe they'll show up later, but that's what they seem like at the moment. Or maybe there's just something more important at the top of this mountain that's going to happen first. Nexus of Power sort of thing maybe? That tree with the books felt like more of a special place for Force things if this is the case. Being on the top of a mountain is very visually impressive though, so hopefully we get some shots showing that off. I've only gone mountain climbing a few times, but the view was a heck of a thing to see.


Luke: That was Kylo Ren? I thought he looked familiar. He was a scrawny kid last time I saw him. Called himself Ben. Joined my Jedi Academy. Highest midi-chlorian count I’d ever seen.
Luke: He’s the one who killed Han?
Rey: Actually he’s Han Solo’s son.
Luke: What?
Rey: This is a little complicated. Bear with me.
Rey: The Han Solo we know stole the real Han Solo’s identity in a bar on Tatooine decades ago.
Luke: Yeah, I was there. Kinda.
Rey: Kylo is that Han Solo’s son, obsessed with revenge against... Han. And anyone he associated with.
Luke: Well, he already tried and failed to kill me.
Rey: Me too.
Luke: So. I don’t want you dating this guy, okay?
Rey: You dated Mara Jade, who actually killed a clone of you.
Luke: And look how that turned out.

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Published: Sunday, 20 August, 2023; 02:11:17 PDT.
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