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Episode 2349: Jedi vs. Mason


Mysterious people who care for ancient structures can be cool and... mysterious. Someone has to look after all those old dungeons and reset the traps and feed the monsters and stuff.

You can also have such inscrutable caretakers be an obstacle. You're going to fight the dragon who has holed up in a ruined castle, but there are locals who are trying to take care of keeping the castle clean or restoring it, and they get in the way, or serve the role of innocent victims when the dragon gets nasty.

And think about cool things like the giant statues of the Argonath in The Lord of the Rings. According to the official timeline, they were built almost 2000 years before the Fellowship passed them. Why are they in such good condition? Someone must be looking after them...

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Ummmmm. I think I'm just as befuddled as Rey is here. At least this means that Luke didn't go crazy and start building tons of stone huts? I really wonder where they were all hiding for the last day though. Couple of days? This is probably a lot easier to tell in the movie. Then again, maybe not. If there's been a single night between Rey arriving on the planet and this moment, it feels like there's been a large amount of things done, and I can see how that'd feel like a couple of days anyway.

Overgrown porgs? I guess so. To me, they look more like fish people in bathrobes. Especially the one on the left in the middle panel; it's even got a part of a robe that looks like a hair towel! I suppose they could actually be moisture-retaining robes if they are fish people. Being in dry air all the time probably wouldn't feel good for an amphibious being. They're probably meant to resemble Jedi robes, but they don't look like they're well made or well fitting if that's the case.

Also? I'd say Obi-wan was the best Jedi. He had most of the cool scenes of the Jedi shown in the prequel movies, plus it's hard to beat the first Jedi!


GM: Several short aliens, like overgrown porgs, tend to the blasted hut wall and general cleaning up.
Rey: What? Where did they come from?
Caretaker 1: We live here. Who are you?
Rey: Um, Rey Solo... I mean... Rey Amidala, I guess.
Caretaker 2: Look at you; don’t even know your own surname.
Rey: Luke here is my father. I’m training to be a Jedi.
Caretaker 3: Who was the best Jedi?
Rey: Um...
Caretaker 4: Told you! Nobody agrees between Yoda versus Obi-Wan.
Caretaker 1: At least we all know Anakin was a hot mess.
Rey: I’m just here for training.
Caretaker 1: It ain’t all about controlling people and lifting rocks, you know! A bit of context goes a long way!
Rey: You’re some sort of... Jedi history teachers??
Caretaker 2: Ever seen anything as intimidating as a history teacher when you haven’t done your homework?

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Published: Thursday, 17 August, 2023; 02:11:24 PDT.
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