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Episode 2365: To Insecurity and Beau Monde


A casino is an interesting location for gaming action, simply because it's so unfamiliar and exotic to most people. There's a reason James Bond hangs out in casinos - to make him appear suave and sophisticated at a level that mere mortals like us movie viewers cannot hope to attain.

Use exotic locations to set atmosphere. The good thing is you don't particularly have to worry about portraying them realistically. Just throw in all the stereotypes you know and your players probably won't know any better. Think of it as taking filming for your game "on location". Whatever the privileged in your setting do, let the PCs have some brief tastes of it.

Not just to rub in how much lower on the social ladder they are, although that's a pretty good reason too!

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)


Alright, sure. No way around it, this is a casino. Somehow the comic's retroactively taking over the movie. I don't even have any ideas on what could come next now! And to get it out of the way: First Order, Resistance, still chasing, why, yeah yeah yeah.

At the moment, I remember hearing that a number of people dislike Episode IX. I don't remember hearing anyone liking or disliking Episode VIII. And with a random casino showing up like this, it makes me wonder if Episode IX is somehow much worse than this, or if I was just unlucky in avoiding all Episode IX info.

At least there's a neat vampire-squid-face alien playing space poker.


GM: The vast casino sits atop a pile of supporting infrastructure: hotels, workers’ residences, power, and other utilities.
[SFX]: {musical notes throughout strip}
GM: Inside the opulent main chamber, aristocratic guests in their evening finery partake of the luxurious refreshments and gaming tables.
Finn: We activate our plan. Pretend to be patrons. Blend in.
GM: <roll>
GM: ... Mmm. Okay.
Rose: Fit in with these snobs? Through exquisitely subtle non-verbal cues I convey my absolute disdain for everyone around me.
Finn: See any security?
BB-8: I see a lot of insecurity.

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Published: Sunday, 24 September, 2023; 02:11:11 PDT.
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