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Episode 2362: When You Spit Into the Abyss...


Temptation is often a big factor in games. Players are always tempted by more treasure and fancier magic and bigger weapons. It can feel like a bad thing, but GMs can also use temptation to make the game more interesting.

Offer the players moral dilemmas, or temptations to get what they want, but at a cost. The Forged in the Dark RPG system pioneered in the game Blades in the Dark has "Devil's Bargains", which encourage the GM to offer the players dice roll bonuses in exchange for something bad happening. You can get a bonus to break into a secure premises if, for example, your break-in attracts attention and ends up with the authorities investigating your gang of rogues. The GM offers you the bonus (and the complication) and it's up to you if you want to take it or not.

You can adapt this to any game you're running. Sure, you can have a higher chance to pick the lock, if you break your lockpicking tools doing so. You can have some bonus damage, but your sword might break. You can summon up the magical energy to cast one more spell when your reserves are empty, but it'll suck the power from one of your random magical items. Etc.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Uhhh. Huh. A water wake up was not anywhere on the list of things I thought could happen.

Was this proto-bagel under the cliff where Luke and Rey are? And whatever Rey was trying to do made it geyser water upwards and fall on her? I can see that it's definitely falling in the splash panel, which means it didn't go up through the cracked rock. And with the amount of water there making it so Rey disappears in the plume, that means this was targeted.

If there wasn't the focus on the bagel, I could actually see Luke Force Throwing water at Rey to get her to snap out of this trance or whatever. But the maw appearing means something else would need to be going on. The only thing I'm quite sure of however is that the Dark Side wouldn't be something that'd reject anyone in the movies. Even with all of the other differences I can see between the original, prequel, and sequel movies, the Dark Side tempting people isn't something that'd change.


Rey: But if I could seize the Dark Side power and bend it to my own will...
Luke: Nooo!!! Don’t!!!
Rey: I peer into the depths of the pit, seeking the strength within.
GM: <roll> The cold ocean erupts out of the maw!
[SFX]: Splooosh!!
GM: You find yourself gasping on the rock ledge, soaked with the sea.
Luke: The Dark Side rejected you...
Luke: This is worse than I thought.
Rey: Yeah, how can I use its power if it won’t let me succumb to temptation?

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Published: Sunday, 17 September, 2023; 02:11:06 PDT.
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