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Episode 2322: Putting the “Fun” Into “Funding”


Providing a challenge for your players in the game is of course part of what roleplaying games are all about. But there are challenges and there are challenges.

As challenges get more difficult, they can become more frustrating and consequently less fun. But after a certain point you reach a threshold, and challenges become fun again because of how ridiculously impossible they are. Don't just go for impossible level challenges, because they suck. Go for ludicrously, stupidly impossible level challenges.

Then at least everyone can have a laugh at them no matter the outcome.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Ok, now this is a Jim-worthy plan. Half way through the list of goals, and it already seems impossible. And that's before we consider that it will need to fit into the movie as well! I suppose, however, we could have a background training montage type situation where the money schemes are headshot inserts or they're just background details as movie-Edgar does something else. Heck, if there's a set of back-story clips for Edgar coming up, those could be twisted with some careful editing to be set after this point in the story. I'm really curious how this scene actually played out in the movie now. This has been a lot of comic set-up for "quickly get a bunch of money", which feels extremely out of the usual Star Wars genre to me. Then again, I haven't finished Greedo’s Awesome Epic Backstory yet, so that could be the main focus there and I'm just way behind on seeing anything Star Wars.


Admiral Holdo: Edgar, your siblings would be proud of your forthrightness and honesty.
Admiral Holdo: It’s a good plan. It just needs someone to take care of a few minor details.
Edgar: I can do that!
BB-8: How did this person get to be an admiral?
GM: You try derailing freight train Sally.
Admiral Holdo: You’ll have to raise a huge amount of cash.
Edgar: Is that all?
Admiral Holdo: Within 24 hours.
Edgar: Too easy.
Admiral Holdo: While we’re in the middle of a high-speed chase.
Edgar: Hmmm.
Admiral Holdo: With pursuers bent on killing us.
Edgar: Now we’re talking!

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Published: Thursday, 15 June, 2023; 02:11:06 PDT.
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