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Episode 2321: The Shipping Muse


You know your planning session is going well when you're trying to think of workable alternatives to bribing people.

See if you can come up with scenarios in your games where the most obvious answer is to bribe someone. And see what your so-called heroes do.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hm. Now I want to know exactly what Jim-as-Edgar thinks wealth is. I mean, I guess wealth depends on having a lot of things with value, like Dollars/Credits/Latinum. At the same time though Edgar's assets are...... what? X-wing parts, BB-8, the clothes on his back, and his piles of ignorance? Maybe that's being a little harsh. Star Wars could have had major monetary storage improvements over Han and Chewie's reward in Episode IV, which I guess I'm assuming was money of some kind.

And while next-day priority shipping causing First Order ships to be diverted sounds like it'd work pretty well, I'm not sure if it'd be fast enough to peel all of the ships off at this exact moment. Not to mention, the First Order could pull the same trick of "so sorry we missed you" while still focusing on the Resistance. Reputation is about appearances, and additionally appearing to fend off the Resistance from interrupting deliveries could just feed into that reputation more.


Edgar: Ooh! I have a better plan!
Admiral Holdo: Better than that? Wow.
Edgar: I know, right? With that immense wealth, instead of bribing a First Order officer, we buy a whole bunch of stuff from them.
Admiral Holdo: Hmm. Overload their mail ordering system...
Edgar: Make them all next-day priority shipping. If they fail to deliver, the First Order’s reputation will be ruined.
Admiral Holdo: Prey on Nute’s ego. He’ll have no choice but to divert all ships to delivery duty.
Edgar: They go to lightspeed, then we just float away.
Admiral Holdo: This is great! How much money do you have?
Edgar: Money?

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Published: Tuesday, 13 June, 2023; 02:11:07 PDT.
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