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Episode 2288: The Grand Old Luke of Force


You could argue that the opposite of metagaming is just gaming, but that wouldn't be nearly as fun as having Pete invent a whole new word. We looked for a prefix that is the opposite of meta-, but apparently there isn't one. At least not one agreed on by enough people to actually appear in a reputable dictionary with that meaning. There are a few candidates such as pre-, pro-, proto-, or mesa-, but none of these have a nice ring to them or are easily understood even in the right context. (Although mesa- does have a nice Jar Jar-esque feel to it.)

We've talked about diegetic and non-diegetic things before in the context of a game or other fiction. If knowledge from outside the game is meta-knowledge, then knowledge inside the game is diegetic knowledge. So if you're using knowledge from outside the game you're metagaming, but if you're only using knowledge from within the game, then you're... diegetagaming. It almost seems obvious.

But Google search shows zero hits for this term (as of just before this comic goes live). So... please start using it and let's make it a real gaming term!

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Huh. On second look, I'm pretty sure that's just a large slab of rock that's sheared off the side of the island or an outcropping jutting into the water, but my first impression was there's a large bubble of some kind with the rock and moss appearing on the inside surface. I've never lived on an island before, but there's been an awful lot of changes in weather shown so far, so I've no idea either if this would be weather related or just the proximity to the ocean.

And it looks like both Rey and Luke are looking back at the mist-shrouded area. Though I'm only partially sure that's what Luke's doing. He's blurry enough that he could still be hiking up, plus since he's lived on this island for a presumably long time, he'd know if there's anything weird that could happen. Maybe that's the point in the movie? To see if Rey continues climbing or goes looking for trouble? If Luke's resigned himself to being a teacher now, this could be a good way to make sure Rey's not going to run off when a distraction crops up.


Luke: Ready for more training?
Rey: More Force powers? You bet!
Luke: Follow me.
Luke: I head up the hill to the top of the island.
GM: Rey feels a foliation in the Force. It’s coming from a mist-shrouded slope behind you.
[SFX]: Foreboding...
Rey: Foliation? Like a fold? In space? Causing a wormhole or something?
Allan: Layering. Caused by shear force or differential pressure during metamorphosis.
Rey: Do you deliberately use geology terms just so Jim can show off?
GM: No comment.
Rey: Layering. Okay, so it’s even stronger than I thought.
Rey: Now, is this part of the training or a distraction I should ignore?
GM: Is that a metagaming consideration?
Rey: No! Rey is asking it herself. It’s diegetagaming!

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Published: Tuesday, 28 March, 2023; 02:11:05 PDT.
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