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Episode 2236: Just the Two of Us, We Can Fake It If We Try


When you don't have the overwhelming force you need to take on an enemy with superior firepower, go the other extreme and make them worry that you've got something up your sleeve. You may not, but at least it'll be spectacular.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Greeble is such a fun word to use and to say. Greeble greeble greeble greeble greeble greeble.

The Fulminatrix looks really neat. But also kind of weird. Like how most sharks are sleek and cool, but then there's the hammerhead shark that looks a bit goofy at the same time. The bridge, or whatever that thing is called prominently shown here, is waaaay too wide. I really gotta say though, it does make that for an impressive shot in the middle panel though! Whatever the story actually is or how things are acted, the setting and graphics are definitely top notch.

And this will definitely be good. Well. Good for the viewers/readers anyway. Probably not so good for the people still in the D'Qar base. Unless the Fulminatrix's only purpose is to get Worfed, I don't see this working out well for Allan and BB-8. And with the descriptions so far, the only way it could get Worfed is if they're really a distraction for land based turrets like the one that wasn't used in the Episode V comic.


GM: The imposingly begreebled Fulminatrix claws out of hyperspace.
[SFX]: krak!
GM: Its monstrous funereal structure aims nuclear cannons at the D’Qar base.
Allan: I have a plan!
BB-8: You’re not sending our meagre fleet against that thing?
Allan: Nope. Just you and me, buddy!
{we see Allan’s tiny X-wing, with BB-8 in the droid port, directly facing off against the colossal apocalyptic might of the Fulminatrix}
BB-8: Well, crap.
Bridge Monitor: General, Resistance ship approaching. Guns and shields in attack mode.
General Hux: A single light fighter?
Allan: Attention! This is Administrator Snoke of the First Order. I have an urgent communiqué for General Hux.
General Hux: Well. This should be good.
Allan: Glad you share my optimism!

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Published: Sunday, 27 November, 2022; 01:11:05 PST.
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