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<     Episode 2204: Out of the Flying Plan, Into the Fire     >

Episode 2204: Out of the Flying Plan, Into the Fire


In reality, people usually want to flee from where any sort of combat action or explosions are happening. Not so in fiction! And by extension gaming.

If you want to attract the heroes' attention somewhere, there's almost no better way than to cause a commotion.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Wait, so they flew away from the base, had a fight, and are now flying back in? This feels like another cool looking scene that I'm thinking way too much about as I've got the time to do so. Like, maybe there was an attempt at attacking the base which failed, but while they were retreating back to space the explosions happened, so they turned around to take advantage of that. But then there's the question of what was the original plan; just hope that small fighters will have enough firepower to damage something important? At least, I'm hoping it's something like that and not an instance where the movie fell on its face showing what's going on. Kylo and Han's encounter was already weird enough just from the visuals.

At the very least, this should look incredibly cool. I wouldn't have thought that there would be room to fly through a Star Destroyer for example, but there was plenty of room after it had crashed. Explosions in a ginormous base that already has large chambers for no reason? There's gonna be a lot more room for flying in! And with any luck, another exit can be made as well to avoid any tie fighters hanging around.


Yolo Ziff: Black Leader, the hexagon’s blowing up! Looks like our friends got in!
[SFX]: Baboom! Boom!
Allan: Great execution of my strategy! All right, let’s close it up! We’re going in!
Lieutenant Bastian: In?
[SFX]: zooooomm...
[SFX]: zooooomm...
Ello Asty: What’s the plan?
Allan: We can see the explosion. That means there’s a breach in a wall somewhere.
Ello Asty: Yeeess...
[SFX]: Boom!
[SFX]: zooooomm...
Allan: We fly in and blow more stuff up!
[SFX]: zooooomm...
Lieutenant Bastian: You’re not actually going into an enemy base? That’s currently exploding?
Allan: They’d be crazy to even bother trying to stop us, wouldn’t they?

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Published: Tuesday, 13 September, 2022; 02:11:03 PDT.
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