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Episode 2194: It Came With a Free Set of Laser Steak Knives


When a villain threatens something, make sure they're credible. If they threaten to kill someone, have them kill someone else first, to show they will do what they say. If they threaten to raze a city, have them burn down a village beforehand. If they threaten to summon and unleash a monstrous demon lord upon the land, have them summon a few minor demons earlier.

The big threat should be a logical progression from something bad they have actually done already. That way the heroes know they can really do it. They did it before - now they're just going to make it a whole lot worse unless the heroes intervene.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Uh oh. Kylo seems to be starting the fall of the Fatigue death spiral. In Dungeon and Dragons at least, there's only 5 levels of fatigue you can get before your character is dead on the sixth. No ifs, ands, or buts. And removing that fatigue is quite difficult or time consuming too. The Darths mechanics are probably somewhat different than D&D, but Fatigue must be dangerous if most of the players are focusing on it this episode.

Rey hardly seems like a Jedi so far. There's been a possible mind trick and a bit of extra timing guidance, but not much more than that, right? That's almost Episode IV Luke levels there. There's also the lightsaber that seems like it's meant for her, but Finn's currently carrying that and that's like the only other thing that makes someone a Jedi. Well. As long as they've still got all their limbs attached.

And Finn? You're doing a really bad job of showing you're not completely on the Resistance's side here. The part with Phasma was already on the border, and now it's just you, a potential hostage who's already told you they're on your side, and your boss's boss. Who are you trying to fool, just the players? Admittedly, that would be a heck of an expectation twist on their part, but I don't see that working out that well.


GM: Kylo also takes two points of Fatigue.
Kylo Ren: Two?!
GM: One from running through the snow with Extra Effort, one from running while wounded.
Kylo Ren: Well.. <puff puff>... Rey Solo... <puff>...
Kylo Ren: You didn’t lead me to Luke Amidala, but you led to me your father.
Rey: You’re a monster.
Kylo Ren: A monster with a hostage I can exchange for that map. And now your mother will know I mean it when I say I’ll kill you.
Finn: Don’t you threaten her.
Rey: Out of the way, Finn. I’m a Jedi.
Rey: And I don’t rely on a cheap laser sword found in some bar. {raising her blaster to point at Kylo}
Kylo Ren: I got mine mail order, I’ll have you know!

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Published: Sunday, 21 August, 2022; 02:11:02 PDT.
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