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Episode 2171: Can’t Light No More of Your Darkness


Error messages are awesome. Think about how infuriating they can be in real life. Now transfer that into a game scenario!

Heroes are trying to access a secure location via a console? Error message! Maybe the system is rebooting, or has gone into a weird state. The error message of course needn't actually be informative. The would-be infiltrators are typing in a passcode they stole from a guard, and the panel flashes, "ERROR: Diagnostic code 71C8. Please report this code to system administration."

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

So...... refueling complete then? Something happened to the sun in the movie, and I'm pretty sure that it's not a time-traveling death ray firing. Well. Not time-traveling in the Galen-Erso-comic-universe sense at least; the original shot definitely wasn't traveling in a normal relativistic way as far as I can tell.

Hm, Rey looks like she's aiming at someone or something in that third panel. Covering the retreat just in case? Or maybe there's something else going on that isn't shown in the comic. Shooting to try and blow something up maybe?

Hmm, I wonder just how gloomy this landscape is going to be. I think it's possible that the visions we had earlier are actually going to show up at some point as well, and this snowy planet would be perfect for the snowy forest. And if that does show up, what does that mean for the other parts of the vision?

Hmmmm, Hux never actually rescinded that order did he? That's part of the problem with having unlimited power while still limited by being a regular human. Hux could really have used a few lessons from Xykon about having power I think. Or at least a lesson on not waiting until the very last minute went flying by.



Technician: General Hux! We’re reading an asymmetry in the weapon systems.
General Hux: What does that mean?
Technician: I don’t know! It’s one of Galen Erso’s error messages.
General Hux: Damn that Commander Krennic!
Rey: Finn and I head outside. We’ve obviously got something vital to the operation of the weapon.
GM: You look up and see the Peace Moon weapon firing.
Rey: ... or not.
GM: The Cataclysm Beam extends its fiery finger of death towards the sun.
GM: The exploding sun sprays a storm of light across the landscape.
GM: Daylight vanishes, plunging the landscape into an eerie gloom.
General Hux: What just happened?
Technician: You ordered us to fire on the sun in 159 minutes. That was 159 minutes and 20 seconds ago.
General Hux: I didn’t want you to fire! I was going to call that shot off!
Technician: I daresay it’s a bit late now, sir. Unless you have some sort of time manipulation tech, haha!

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Published: Tuesday, 28 June, 2022; 02:11:02 PDT.
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