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Episode 2165: Character Troll-playing


Everywhere has maintenance entrances or hatches, even if they're not necessarily called that. Staff entrances, fire exits, backstage doors - these are all great ways to get into somewhere that you're not necessarily supposed to be.

Even in low-tech settings. A blacksmith's shop will have a coal chute that could be used to gain access to the basement. And almost any place worth infiltrating will have an escape tunnel or something - so look for that and try going in that way.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Ah, that's a smart idea to have a getaway vehicle. Or in this case, a getaway vehicle that isn't Rey's that could easily be stolen/blown up. Don't want that flaw to show up yet again, right?

Hmmmmmm, Finn and Rey look like they're a couple meters away from the door. The door that is somehow already open, when the outside is almost an iceball. Are they walking into a trap of some kind? I'm pretty sure Finn wouldn't have a garage door opener equivalent that somehow works on Peace Moon maintenance doors.

Huh, I wouldn't have thought Pete would need to be the one to hit "Pause" first. He's played evil characters before, and having Rey turning into a Resistance traitor wouldn't necessarily be out of character for him. Granted, I might be misjudging what Pete is intending here, but I can't see movie-Rey suddenly pulling a gun or something on movie-Finn this late in the movie. Maybe it's going to be an equivalent of this scene for something later?

The "Pause" I'm referring to, in this case, is a part of a tabletop tool called Script Change. To simplify the main three components I've seen: "Pause" means stop the action, we need to talk about something before moving on; "Rewind" means redo the previous scene, we need to do something slightly differently; "Fast-Forward" means fade to black and resume after something, the "Fast-Forward" event can happen but we're not comfortable playing it through.

Not every group would be able to use the tool effectively of course, but I've seen it used very well in a few groups when something surprising has come up. Fighting alien dogs won't be something everyone wants to do for example, but if the alien dogs suddenly run away and other enemies show up in their place ("Rewind"), the game can still continue the same as before without alienating one of the players.


GM: Where are Rey and Finn?
Rey: We go in here.
Finn: Looks like a maintenance entrance.
Rey: Remember there’s a speeder parked right here. When we come out we’ll have to get to the Falcon in a hurry.
Finn: What are we doing?
Rey: Looking for vulnerable systems.
Finn: No, I mean what’s your plan to foil the Resistance?
Rey: Oh. Right. Yeah...
Rey: We’re going to pretend to help Chewie and Zeppo, until the perfect opportunity to betray them arises.
Finn: Good thinking. If I see a chance, I’ll take a shot.
Rey: Uh... Time out! I need to speak out of character!
GM: Now why on Earth would you possibly want to do that?

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Published: Tuesday, 14 June, 2022; 02:11:04 PDT.
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