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Episode 2159: Cyberpunked


Sad to say, this sort of thing sometimes happens. Roleplaying—and any other sort of gaming—is best when it's a safe and welcoming community. If you encounter this sort of thing, find a new group.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Oh man, that would be an extremely nerve-wracking thing to happen. It's one thing to have to face someone doxing and threatening you, scary though it would be on its own. It's another to think your family or other loved ones are now in danger in addition to yourself and you're unable to do anything about it. No wonder Corey bolted out of the last session.

Thankfully, Pete's both a lawyer and quite tech-savvy so things should work out fine in the end. Well; as fine as having to deal with crap like this can be anyway. I wonder if Corey's going to show up at this session. BB-8 doesn't have a lot to do stuck in the back of an X-wing, and Corey might feel too embarrassed to show up for this week's game as well.


GM: Holy cow.
Kylo Ren: Pete helped Annie contact the webhost to reset her password. He pulled the offensive content, but it took all night to get her site up and running securely.
GM: And why did they target her?
Chewbacca: That’s where Corey comes in. The gaming group he was in started hassling a female gamer. Corey called it out, but then they turned on him.
Kylo Ren: They doxed him and sent threats. That’s why he left suddenly. He thought they were going after his family.
GM: But they hacked Annie’s site?
Kylo Ren: Yeah. I guess they figured another female gamer close to Corey would be a good target.
Chewbacca: But they reckoned without Pete. He collected evidence and made legal requests to their ISPs. He’s filing charges as the info comes back.
Kylo Ren: Incidents like this are rarely prosecuted because police don’t have the resources to investigate. But Pete did that for them.
GM: Remind me never to hack Pete. Except in Shadowrun, of course.

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Published: Tuesday, 31 May, 2022; 02:11:04 PDT.
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