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Episode 2158: Vanishing, Hacked


Sometimes emergencies happen. The game is important, but not as important as some things.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Uhhhhhh ohhhh. I'm guessing Corey got in a bad argument with someone online and now they've hacked the websites he's associated with. That'd fit what I can find and recall of the video blog. I'm pretty sure Corey wasn't the one that did the hacking at least; this kind of thing seems too difficult to do from a smartphone. He really should have said something before disappearing however, even if it's just a stupid small thing like "your blog's getting hacked, gotta go fix."

Player life events aside, it looks like everyone's running back towards the giant hexagon for some reason. Again, this probably makes more sense in the movie, but as far as I can tell, the group left the base, then decided to turn right around and run back to it. Maybe someone actually has the idea in the movie of "take over the command center" and thinks that this X-wing attack is a good diversion?


Rey: I haven’t got a message. So probably not a family thing.
[SFX]: pow!
Snap Wexley: What was with Corey tonight? He seemed really distracted.
Allan: BB-8 doesn’t really have a lot to do in the back of my X-wing.
GM: I was hoping to finish this combat, and hopefully the whole adventure tonight.
[SFX]: boom!
Snap Wexley: It’d be rude to keep—
Finn: What?!!
Zeppo: Annie? What’s up?
Finn: I just got some weird comments on my site and went to check and... all my videos are gone. Replaced by... awful misogynistic rants.
Rey: You got hacked?!
Finn: We gotta go.
Zeppo: Yeah, okay.
Rey: I’ll come and help you fix it.
Finn: You don’t need to do that, Pete.
Rey: No. I do.

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Published: Sunday, 29 May, 2022; 02:11:06 PDT.
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