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Episode 2141: Patience of Shield


Leaders don't do menial work - that's what they have minions for. At least conventionally.

Try turning it around, and have the Big Bad Guy lead from the front. The heroes don't get to test their strength against relatively ineffective lackeys in their first encounters - the main Boss is right there, front and centre, in their very first altercation! Of course to carry this through, you need to have a strong boss who can survive an initial fight and escape to fight another day.

Rather than build up to a final Boss Encounter, the heroes meet the Boss every time, but frustratingly they always get away. Until the heroes can manage to adapt their strategy through direct experience to defeat the Boss.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

That headset on the former rear admiral looks really weird and uncomfortable. No obvious cushioning on a pointy plastic or metal piece? Not something I'd want to wear for hours on end. Plus, it seems a lot more clunky than any of the previous microphones shown. It's not as weird as Nien Nunb looks in a helmet though; it took me a few moments plus the odd phrase to recognize them.

Flying around the moon in hyperspace while waiting? This feels like an explanation that wasn't in the movie for all the ships taking off, but the Falcon had to get there first, go through the shield, then turn it off. A minor detail while watching the movie I would think, but if true, that's definitely something that would give me a pause while thinking about the movie later. Hyperspace is definitely FTL, but it's never looked like ships need to be traveling extremely fast in order to make that jump, new modulator notwithstanding. Can ships just fly slower in hyperspace if they want to? Probably not in-comic, or else that would have come up.


GM: Meanwhile, back at the Resistance base on D’Qar:
Resistance Officer: Wedge reports that the Peace Moon defence shield is down.
C-3PO: I can see it on the holographic display.
Display Operator: That’s because I just adjusted it based on Wedge’s report.
Leia: They did it! Admiral Statura, let the fleet know they can begin their attack.
Admiral Statura: I’ll delegate that task to Rear Admiral Guich.
Rear Admiral Guich: I’m a rear admiral! You should delegate menial tasks like that to someone of lower rank.
Admiral Statura: You’re busted down to army captain!
Captain Guich: Okay... Now I can do it.
Captain Guich: Black Leader! The shield is down. Go to sub-light on your call.
Allan: Were we just waiting around for this news? At lightspeed?
Captain Guich: You were in a holding pattern.
Allan: We must have done a few thousand laps of the moon.
Nien Nunb: I thought I was just dizzy with the fires of passion!

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Published: Tuesday, 19 April, 2022; 02:11:04 PDT.
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