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Episode 2108: Little, Big: A Venture To Twin Sun’s Geodesy


If you need to make an arbitrary decision as a Game Master, make it firmly and confidently. Try not to think about it too much, as that slows the game down.

It may turn out to have been not the best decision in hindsight, but that just makes the game more interesting!

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Uh oh. They're totally going to blow up their second star to verify the PowerPoints! Or at least, that's the major vibe I'm getting here. Why else would Hux care about the distance to the star and whether they can observe it in the same hypersurface plane? And given the scale the Cataclysm Beam shoots across without apparent loss of energy, exploding a nearby star instead of multiple planets should be only moderately more difficult.

Either the GM is acting like they don't know anything, or they're making things up on the fly. Time travel stories tend to work best when everyone knows the outcome, is working towards the same goal, or the time traveling doesn't have an effect on the present. So if the star does get shot and verified via FTL, and Hux demands the weapon Not fire at the proper time 158 minutes later, are the PowerPoints going to be wrong? Something else messes up the Cataclysm Beam and causes an accidental discharge or, worse, it turns out something else can cause the same effect but isn't First Order or Resistance controlled?


That dude highlighted by the window in the three panels has a really weird shaped helmet. It's like the designers took Bert's/Ernest's/Frank's already silly helmet design and stretched it out sideways. Maybe it'll look better from the side, but going by Kylo's helmet, I'm guessing that'll be a no.


General Hux: I have something I want to do.
GM: Go ahead, Ben.
General Hux: Being a major military installation, we have system-wide surveillance probes to report any hostile incursions, right?
Weapons Technician: Of course, sir.
General Hux: By FTL radio?
Weapons Technician: Naturally.
General Hux: How far away is the second sun Endor II?
Weapons Technician: Uh... Jim?
Zeppo: Anything from a few light minutes to thousands. Depending on mass, spectral type, age, and orbital parameters of the binary system.
Weapons Technician: 158 light minutes, sir!
General Hux: I like your firm confidence!
Weapons Technician: I like your seemingly pointless questions, sir.
Zeppo: That was a great question!

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Published: Tuesday, 01 February, 2022; 01:11:06 PST.
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