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Episode 1595: The Unimportance of Being Frank


NPCs are of course always doing stuff behind the scenes when the PCs aren't interacting with them. The players may or may not ever find out what that stuff was. If it's important to setting up some final confrontation, then they'll learn about the outcome of the NPC plans, but not necessarily any details.

It's possible for the GM to jump in later on and provide commentary on what the NPC's plans were, but be careful doing this. If it's amusing or the players are truly interested, and it won't hurt the rest of the game plot later on, then it's harmless and might provide some fun. This can be the case well after the adventure/campaign is over. But be wary of doing this while the adventure is ongoing, as then it pretty much qualifies as spoilers.

Such is the GM's lot - keeping your cleverness to yourself for so long! But then, you know how clever it is, and that's what really matters.

[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]


So Krennic was on the Peace Moon, Obi-Wan was on the same planet they were just on...

This could have gone so much better for them.

But then again, K-2 would have missed out on the weapon research facility. And we can't have that.

Also, Space French is back! I assume that means it's Tàrkin speaking, which would make sense.

Unless it's another Space Frenchman we haven't been introduced to yet.

— aurilee

Oh, a flashback! A flashback.

I am trying not to laugh. Pete/R2 says, "if we had known that Obi-Wan was on the other side of Tatooine". Did Obi-Wan say that he was going to take Luke, and hide him with his nearest relative?

Actually, the end of campaign three does not indicate if Obi-Wan let anyone else know where he was going or not.

But you have to wonder. The existence of Plan Alpha implies the existence of plans Beta, etc. So what other choices do they have besides pressing that button?

I'm sure the firing crew does more than just sit around waiting to press one button. I think back to the beginning of WarGames, where we see the two people in the silo and one of them is deciding whether or not to actually turn the key; they must do more than just sit around waiting for a chance to turn their key.

More things, such as philosophizing about the existence of nuclear weapons and the effect that has on people, and wondering if they're in the right job or not; giving thought to whether or not they would actually follow the order when it comes in, and decided they're not going to do their job even though they're still going to collect their paycheck.

— Keybounce


Pete: If we'd known at the time that Obi-Wan was just over the other side of Tatooine, we would have found him and raided the Peace Moon then and there.
GM: That could have shortcut the adventure quite a bit, given Krennic was on the Peace Moon at the time.
Sally: He was?
GM: Yeah, here's what was happening:
Tàrkin: Commander Krennic, you 'ave bumbled zis data transfer operation. Neutral partisans 'ave attacked one of your tanks! Ze top secret crystals are missing.
Krennic: The solution to such events is typically very simple, and made simpler by this very facility.
Tàrkin: Hwat do you mean?
Krennic: Observe.
Krennic: Firing crew, execute Plan Alpha.
Peace Moon Technician Ernest: Yes, sir!
Peace Moon Technician Ernest: Shame Frank is off sick today. He's been looking forward to pressing this button for 12 years.
[SFX]: klik

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Published: Tuesday, 02 January, 2018; 02:11:02 PST.
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