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Episode 1960: Grocers Cata’strophe


Don't forget that everyone has their own adversaries - including the adversaries of the heroic band of PCs. Someone who doesn't like someone else could show up at any time when the someone else is interacting with the PCs.

Say the heroes are buying new weapons from a blacksmith. You could have another villager barge in and demand compensation for a badly shod horse who is now lame - pushing the heroes aside and engaging in a tirade against the blacksmith. Perhaps the villager could even warn the heroes not to do business with this incompetent leech, unless they want the hilts to fall off their swords next time they're fighting some goblins.

How do the heroes react to this? Do they go through with the purchase, or decide it's not worth the risk, or do they tell the stranger to stop interrupting and wait his turn? You'll have to try it and find out.

Or perhaps the heroes are having a meeting with someone important. A king, or a corporate CEO. And someone else enters and demands to speak to the important person. Or maybe someone assassinates them, right in front of the heroes - not for any particularly story-related reason, but just because the king/CEO had enemies.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Player 4(?) has entered the game! And that is a lot more sharp pointy teeth than I expected for the Cthulhu-creature from Star Wars. Octopodes and squids usually have beaks (or beak equivalents). Even the Sarlacc remake had a beak-like thing. Maybe this is an escaped science experiment or a gene-spliced prototype soldier that Xasha (probably the current one) cheesed off. Which just raises a new set of questions like: "How did one survive an enraged tentacle monster the first time?", "What actually angers an enormous tentacle monster?", and "Why would one want to make it angry in the first place?".

After a bit of thought, that's actually a good admission by Xasha to the gangs. Neither gang mentioned the idea that changing names or whole identities was possible yet, so getting ahead of that accusation is good as it becomes Xasha's talking point, not the gangs'. It even got the murder gang to reconsider their plan here for a brief moment! Of course, the whole thing's a moot point now that Cthulhu-creature here just took on the tropical fruit gang on its way to get Xasha. If the GM is willing to grapple this easily, perhaps this monster has a special set of simplified rules it can use, or maybe the group finally got a better ruleset for grappling.

... Hm. I wonder if this door opening result by Rey counts as an accidental Summon Bigger Fish.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

Clowns to your left. Jokers to your right. And you're stuck in the middle with... your partner.

Remember: The enemy of your enemy is your enemy's enemy. And as much as I want to hear Bester's voice, or Klingon voices, seeing the Bester voice side being gulped down just seems right.

So lets look at Jim/..."Xasha". He's still trying to go with "Mistaken Identity". And, he might manage it, maybe. It's just that he said "Used to be", and failed his Fast Talk. Or, since the GM didn't actually roll, he had no chance of success due to all the minuses.

So what's going on? Summon bigger Enemy Boss? Marry a crime lord daughter, death for killing someone, being eaten alive by... whatever that is. Summon Bigger Blank seems to be the action here. ... Actually, that seems to sum up these movies. Bigger explosions, bigger space fights, bigger ships, bigger budgets. :-)


Bala-Tik: Umberto, you’re coming with us! You have a crime lord’s daughter to marry!
Tasu Leech: No, we’re going to kill him for murdering Taleggio! And his name’s Sergio!
Xasha: I’m Xasha!
Creature: {interrupting, heard in the distance} Xasha! A name I shall curse forever!
Bala-Tik: Sorry, Umberto, could you repeat that?
Xasha: My name is Xasha! I don’t know anything about these people you claim I used to be.
Tasu Leech: “Used to be”? Hang on...
Bala-Tik: Grab him!
GM: Suddenly, a huge tentacled beast appears behind the gang, gnashing fangs and grappling Guavians!
[SFX]: Whip! Writhe! Grab!
Creature: RAAARRHH!!
Chewbacca: That was not the grabbing I expected.
Xasha: Hey, don’t squeeze the fruit!

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Published: Sunday, 21 February, 2021; 01:11:07 PST.
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