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Episode 208: Fish Fall. Everyone Dies.


This is how Episode 37 would have turned out if Qui-Gon hadn't taken it back.

Where did we get the fish image, I hear you ask? Obviously, we did what any sensible person in our position would do. We went out and bought a fish and photographed it! It's a barramundi, a native Australian and South-Asian river fish, and one of the best eating fish in the world. And what happened to this fine bigger fish we summoned? Why, it was cooked and eaten, of course.

(That link goes to the food blog of the fiancée of one of the Comic Irregulars, who is tolerant enough of our collective weirdness to put up with these sorts of requests.

"Hey, let's go buy a bigger fish!"
"For dinner?"
"No, so I can take photos of it and Photoshop it into a scene from Star Wars, and post it in our webcomic!"
"Uh... okay...."
So go give her blog a zillion hits for us.)

On a slightly different topic, to avoid further stress and nervous tension, we will reveal in advance that this is the last of the intermission strips for now, and Episode II will begin with the next comic.


GM: You reach a balcony. You see the Queen and her retinue being led away by combat droids.
Qui-Gon: I cast Summon Bigger Fish.
GM: What?
Obi-Wan: What?
Qui-Gon: I roll 17. I drop it on the droids!
GM: You know what? Fine. A giant fish appears in the air above them.
[SFX]: SPLAT!!! {a giant fish drops on the courtyard}
Jar Jar: Yousa killed them!
Qui-Gon: Awesome!
Obi-Wan: No, the Queen. You killed the Queen and her guards.
Qui-Gon: Oh. Well... they can't have been that important.

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Published: Sunday, 25 September, 2011; 02:54:32 PDT.
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