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Episode 1931: Parks and Trek Creation


Inspiration for adventures is everywhere, all around you, every day. Take any minor incident in your day and think about how it can be converted into something within a game setting.

Today I visited a museum. Adventurers in a game might need to seek assistance from a scholar, who can be found at a museum. But the scholar has a problem, that maybe the heroes can help with before he assists them in return?

I had to queue in the rain. Heroes get caught in the rain too. It's uncomfortable, and cold, and makes footing slippery. Especially if it happens when crossing a mountain pass, or a swaying suspension bridge.

After the museum I went to a book shop to buy a book, but they were out of stock. Heroes want to buy adventuring gear or new weapons now and then. Something they want to buy, that you'd expect to find without difficulty, is out of stock. Maybe the blacksmith just sold the last one and it will take a week to make more. Maybe someone is going around buying them all up - for what reason? Maybe something else weird is going on...

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

The movie scenes don't really show much. Just some faces.

The "what's happening" is interesting in that the GM is scribbling notes after finding out that someone is parking three blocks away. And it's not the character, err, player, with the unable to find a good parking spot disadvantage.

Hard to come up with anything more to say than this, there just isn't much happening to comment on. Sorry.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Annie really is a crazy driver, wow! I would be very, very uncomfortable parallel parking with even triple that length on both sides. And from a survey of some random folks on the internet, the comfort range is anywhere from a meter on both ends to a total 1.75 extra car lengths. Now intellectually, I know that with a great turning radius and/or lots of patience, parallel parking with even less space than what Annie mentioned is possible. That still doesn't mean that I'm going to try and park there; I'll probably do exactly what Jim is doing and find a different place, preferably one that doesn't require parking parallel.

<scribble> Inspiration can come from many places, and I bet we'll soon see a similar parking instance in-game for Rey. Will she take a far away spot again that's known to be safe, or choose a close spot where there is a high risk of damage while the party is away? And as there hasn't been any down time for repair of the Falcon as of yet, this is going to be a tough call for Pete I feel. For such a benign sounding Disadvantage, the GM is doing remarkably well at making it an actual issue that comes up.

Sally's going into environmental engineering, very cool! I think we now know what everyone is doing outside the game except for the GM. I'm with Sally's sentiment here, though it's mostly because I still have to live on this planet. Plus, it would be nice if some of my favorite outdoor places were still the same for future generations to experience as well. Building or repairing things (including the environment) is difficult enough without the additional challenge of opposition to the repairs. And yes, the GM is much more accommodating. Not counting the 17 pages of notes skipped or all of the other times the party has jumped the rails, there have been many examples in comic where the GM lets the players get away with things, though my favorite is still the genesis of laser sword parrying.


Kylo Ren: Hey, Annie!
Finn: Hi, Jim’s just parking.
GM: Okay, no problem.
Rey: You let him drive?
Finn: He thought the spot I chose was too tight. Now he’s parking three blocks away.
GM: <scribble>
Rey: How tight was it?
Finn: Twenty centimetres of clearance, easy. Both ends.
Kylo Ren: You could get a smaller, electric car.
Finn: Where’s the fun in that?
Kylo Ren: We all need to do our bit.
BB-8: You’re doing enough for all of us, with your environmental engineering degree.
Kylo Ren: You don’t get to have fun wrecking my goals just because I’m doing all the hard work!
GM: Good thing I’m more accommodating.

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Published: Friday, 18 December, 2020; 01:05:36 PST.
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