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Episode 1860: Rey Parks at the Mall


It's been said a few times that a Disadvantage that doesn't come up in play isn't really a Disadvantage. If your players take trivial seeming Disadvantages or ones they expect to be easy to work around or never arise in play, you can make them game relevant with enough thought.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

<drag drag drag>
As we approach the town, we see all the people walking, and what passes for the "wall" of the outpost.

<drag drag drag>
This is a very irritating work effort. But, of course, irritation is just flavor text, right?

<drag drag drag>
And we see a single source of water for the outpost.

<drag drag drag>
And we finally see some game effect.

Remember, a disadvantage that doesn't affect you isn't worth points. But I guess "Never gets a good parking spot" does seem like a real life disadvantage. Note that all that dragging, and the alien dragging their own stuff is just even with her.

It looks like the four panels we see is only about 10 feet. And that alien is dragging a lot more than she is. Either this was a really fast sequence on-screen, or Rey is not nearly in good enough shape, or... Well, it doesn't look all that heavy, but it's also not going in a backpack, or any other harness. The way she's dragging it makes me wonder what sort of shape her body will be in - mechanically, that looks like a horrible way to treat her body.

In fact, how in the heck did she get it from the dead ship back to town? It wasn't being dragged by the hoverbike, so it had to be carried, right? Why can't she use whatever was used to carry it there, to carry it now? (Recheck last comic...) Ahh, it was attached to the side of the hoverbike, and just dumped onto the sand. Seriously, there has to be a better way to transport goods. Remember, the object she was looking for was hand-held size.

What, exactly, is that fence for? The "trading spot" seems to be outside of the fence, and there doesn't seem to be anything on the other side of the fence. It's clearly not the town wall - everything is on this side, and the far left shows that the unwalled area goes way way off into the distance. So the wall would have to go away behind the trade post area. There's a few buildings on the far side, but no people, and no real activity.

Meanwhile, it looks like a young Groot and a wizard are walking across the mid-ground. Two people going through the gate into the background. Hard to figure much more than this.

Well, Fatigue will wear off with some rest. And an improvement to Piloting will certainly help something. I can bet we'll see some sort of "barely succeeded" piloting roll later in the movie. (Wonder if someone will have to remind Pete of the bonus or not.)

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Oh man, it's been a while since I've had a good belly laugh. While the movie can't have an explanation like this, it fits the game so well! Not to mention Pete intentionally picks Disadvantages like this because they'll be difficult to bring up in game, so kudos to the GM (and the Irregulars!) to making the Disadvantage impact the game.

Fatigue. It can be a minor annoyance to a condition to always avoid. It doesn't look like Pete's too concerned about a single Fatigue point, so this game system probably has more than D&D's 6 levels of Exhaustion at the very least. The only tabletop system I can find where Fatigue points are a thing is GURPS, and I'm not familiar enough with that system to comment more on it.

Interesting fact: the word "vaporator" hasn't appeared in-comic before this comic despite all of the other references to moisture farming. Makes me wonder if the GM decided to spin the ridiculous feeling around and actually made it into something that does just that.


GM: You drag your salvage past a large alien pulling a similar burden.
GM: Sand gets in your boots. It’s coarse and irritating.
GM: You pass by a moisture vaporator.
GM: Your arms start to ache from the dragging. Take one Fatigue.
Rey: Just how far away did I park, anyway?
GM: About as far as you might expect for someone who took “Never Gets a Good Parking Spot” in order to get an extra point in Piloting.

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Published: Thursday, 02 July, 2020; 03:11:18 PDT.
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