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Episode 1872: Ain't No Party Like A Kylo Ren Party


Softening people up with a bit of violence is always a good sign of true villainy. Remember the scene in The Empire Strikes Back where Han is roughed up by Vader and his mooks, and when thrown back in the cell with Chewbacca he complains that they never even asked him anything.

Your villains could learn something from that.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Well then. No immediate risk of team evil showing up; it looks like Poe's got a brainwashing session first. It's a little hard to tell, but it also looks like we might also have an updated version of this floating needle droid on there on right. Probably the goon that roughed Poe up. And for an evil empire in the making, brainwashing is definitely one option on the list for getting guarantees that people will work for you.

And there's no doubt now that Team Kylo is trying to be Empire 2.0. We've got the black and harsh blue ambience, with the occasional red highlights. The star destroyer—and the fact that they have one—has a goofy edgy name. And of course there's Kylo who we've already seen acting and looking like Darth Vader 2.0.

Casual Friday? More like Threatening Thursday. Sally's got pretty good, if somewhat traditional, villain threats down while Jim's still in the tricky area of possibly not understanding and possibly making fun of Kylo Ren. Based on Poe/Jim's previous insults, I'm leaning more towards making fun. Doesn't seem likely for being close to the movie dialogue though. Similar scene to Princess Leia's interrogation scene perhaps of claiming not to know anything? In this case, it'd have to be related to the info BB-8's got now I suppose, which would make the interrogation rather fruitless as Poe never had the chance to actually look through the data on it.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

Sally, you can't just hurt people just because you're evil. And, what guarantee do you have? That should always be your question when you are recruiting a turncoat.

Which brings up a good question. Certainly this system has some sort of Sense Motive, or Intimidation skill, or something like that. Why didn't Sally use her skill, in a player vs player rolloff, with the GM telling her, "You believe him", or "You think he's lying"?

Descent into darkness. This room reminds me of the "Lets turn Padmé into Vader" room.

Poe has a bit of a snark to him. Here he is, his life is on the line, the other PC has killed another PC, and... he's... What do you call a response like "Is it casual Friday?", or, "OK, it's good to have an employer with a sense of humor"? Sally isn't going to kill more, is she?

Wait, let me rephrase that. Of course she is, she's running team evil. Sally isn't going to kill more PCs, is she? ... Of course she is. You've divided the PCs into two teams now. Of course there will be more death and bloodshed.

And at the end of the (movie? trilogy?), the last two will face off, and say, "There can be only one".


GM: Meanwhile, on board the star destroyer Finalizer, Poe wakes up, shackled to an inclined rack.
GM: Kylo Ren is in the dim room with you. You’ve been roughed up a bit, take 3 damage.
Poe: What was that for? I said I’d work for you!
Kylo Ren: Yes, you said you would. But what guarantee do I have?
Poe: Having your goons beat me up doesn’t exactly help.
Kylo Ren: Oh, that was just for my amusement.
Poe: Right. Well. That’s all right then. Good to have an employer with a sense of humour.
Kylo Ren: Oh, the fun is just getting started.
Poe: Is it casual Friday already?

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Published: Thursday, 30 July, 2020; 03:11:21 PDT.
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